Precor TRM 932i Commercial Series Treadmill

Precor TRM 932i Commercial Series Treadmill

Commercial-grade treadmill with Ground Effects Impact Control System to help reduce fatigue and joint stress and prevent injury
Built-in touch sensor for heart rate monitoring and Polar compatible 5 KHz wireless chest strap transmitter monitoring
7 preset workouts accessed directly by 6 buttons; Speed range 1-12 mph/1-20 kph
Measures 79"L x 34"W x 59"H; Running surface: 22" x 56"; Weighs 331 pounds
Lifetime warranty on frame and welds, 10-years on parts and wear items
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Note: This product is 300 lbs or heavier, which means our carriers may not be able to bring this item to your front door.

The Precor 932i treadmill is a durable, low-impact treadmill and includes the essential features that exercisers want. Equipped with Integrated Footplant Technology (IFT) and Ground Effects (GFX), exercisers are ensured a dynamic and rewarding work out. The 932i treadmill is a commercial grade treadmill that you might find in a corporate gym, apartment complex, and fire departments.

Smooth Natural Feel
The Precor Assurance Series 932i treadmill delivers a more natural, low impact workout much like running outside. The patented Ground Effects impact control system delivers dynamic shock control and optimal push off stability. Integrated Footplant Technology, the Precor patented belt system, adjusts belt velocity 100 times per second to match natural changes in foot speed, producing a more rhythmic stride and reducing impact.

Standard Console
The 932i treadmill includes a standard console that is designed with clear visuals and familiar layout to increase program exploration, leading to greater satisfaction. This console is complete with six workouts, numeric keypad, workout profile, Quick Start, tactile membrane key motion controls, and essential exercise metrics (time, distance, calories, speed, incline, resistance level, Cross Ramp level).
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